A file cabinet is a popular piece of home or office furniture with drawers that holds papers in folders, and its primary use is to store, organize, remove, and use documents.  Typically, you’ll find them in variations in terms of the number of drawers ranging from two to five.

At home, files can be used as a safe to store important documents, such as insurance papers, bank statements, and other pertinent legal documents. File cabinets are either for letter- or legal-size papers.




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3 DOORS GLASS CABINET 130X40X208 C (114486) AOG-486 – UNIT

Storage cabinets have shown to be very efficient for organizing the office and providing storage space. They usually don’t cost a lot of money and don’t take up much room. Storage cabinets are particularly practical since they let staff members manage and store their papers and paperwork, preventing the problem of clutter.

We provide a premium selection of storage cabinets that may be utilized to store numerous documents and maintain a tidy office.


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